Sustainability Environment Charter

Since the establishment of the hotel in 2008, we have placed great importance on sustainable development in the management of the hotel.

It is with this in mind that we are gradually developing the hotel to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible. Here are some examples of the measures we have put in place:

Use of more environmentally friendly products:

✓ We are in the process of changing our cleaning products so that they are all environmentally friendly or Eco label certified,

✓ The subcontracted linen room for the cleaning of sheets is an ESAT (establishment and service of help by work), a structure that allows people with disabilities to exercise a professional activity while benefiting from medical and educational support in a protected environment,

✓ We are in the process of replacing our toilet paper so that it is fully recyclable and Ecolabel,

✓ We offer regional and local products at breakfast and lunch (honey, jam, fruit juice, cold cuts and cheese).

✓We offer at the bar products from the region: Ardèche ice cream, Interludes Ardéchois fruit juice, Ardéchois beers, exclusively Ardéchois wines. The charcuterie we offer is also Ardéchois.

Energy management:

✓ All our rooms are equipped with energy saving card switches,

✓ Our solar panels complete the production of domestic hot water. Their number and location has however been imposed and limited by the Architects of France in order not to disharmonize the construction of the hotel with its environment located in a Village de Caractère,

✓ We have installed water savers in all rooms so as not to exhaust this resource,

✓The lights in the car park and peripheries are set to operate from 7pm to 10:30pm. They are also equipped with luminosity detectors and some with motion detectors to limit their energy consumption,

✓ We have been in contact with EDF to equip our car park with a charging point for electric vehicles,

✓ Our manager is trained in eco-environmental practices,

✓ We replace every light bulb with an energy saving one,

✓ All our toilets are dual-flush toilets, so we don't deplete the water resource,

✓ A bathroom display is in place to reduce laundry,

✓ We change your sheets every 4 days but if you would like a shorter period of time, simply inform reception,

✓ Your room temperature is automatically set to 23°C in summer and 21°C in winter.

Waste management and selective sorting:

✓ All our bathrooms are equipped with eco-labelled hypoallergenic "Arbre Vert" shampoo/shower gel dispensers, in order to limit individual packaging and therefore our waste.

✓ We have set up a selective sorting and composting system for the recovery of our waste. In all departments, paper and newspapers are sorted, batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges are recovered. Glass and cardboard can be recycled in the communal car park just opposite the hotel.

✓ No bath sheets or used linen are thrown away, everything is recovered and some is donated to charity.

Other measures:

✓ We are committed to sustainable employment through low staff turnover on fixed-term contracts and the recruitment of exclusively local labour (obviously where possible),

✓ We offer our clients many activities that respect our environment: horse riding, electric bike rides, climbing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking in the Ardèche and Chassezac gorges,

✓ All the work companies we use for the hotel are located less than 30 km from the hotel in order to limit the carbon impact (again, as far as possible).

We invite you to participate in our approach by simple and non-binding gestures:

-Turn off the heating or air conditioning if you open a window,

-Turn off the lights and television when you leave your room, if it is not equipped with a card switch,

-Use water efficiently in the bathroom,

-Leave only towels that need to be washed on the floor,

-Report any water leaks,

-Leave your used batteries in the designated box at reception,

-Leave cans, glass and plastic bottles on the desk.

Staff training and customer information are important aspects of our environmental approach.

If you have any questions or comments about our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us

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